My mission is pretty hair and happy people! I take great pride in my work and I love to see someone smile at their reflection. Each day at the salon I do my best to use my skills and expertise to enhance every guest's natural beauty. Hair keeps growing and trends keep evolving, so have a seat in my chair and let's have some fun! An easy to manage look that matches your personality is big or little the change is up to you. 


for volume/fullness               $350+

for length                             $650+

*consultation & deposit required


hair salon



Haircuts and styles‚Äč

women's cut                   $45

mens cut                       $25

kids cut                         $15

blowdry style                 $30

updo                             $60

"down do" curls only       $45

bridal updo                    $75

bridal trial package        $120

(trial updo and day of)   

Ask about on site traveling  bridal services!


brows                             $12

lip                                  $8

chin                               $8

brows/lip/chin               $22

(best value)



color retouch                        $60

full color                               $75

partial highlight                     $75

full highlight                          $90

mini highlight                        $60

(10-12 foils)

full color melt

(ombre)                                        $110+


(free hand highlights)                  $90+

bleach and tone                     $80+

(regrowth only)

OLAPLEX                                $20

*extra color                           $10+


*individual foils                     $5/foil

color correction                 $65/hour

(consultation required)